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Self-Care for School Psychologists

This intention of this website is to help support and promote self-care for school psychologists.  Quite often, we extend so much of ourselves to students, educators, and families, as well as to others, that we sometimes forget to "take care of the caretaker." 

Of course, this can be extrapolated for any mental health care providers or for anyone (which is pretty much everyone) who cares for others.  

Please consider this an evolving resource that is specific to aiding in prevention and intervention efforts during these challenging times.  The goal is to build upon what you are already doing and have the capacity for; so, please continue to visit and add items to your self-care toolkit. 


In addition, our professional self-care includes orienting ourselves to our ethical responsibility, including social justice and enhancing our capacity to grow personally and professionally.  We all strive to be competent professionals and our best selves, while also maintaining humility. 

As connection is so vital to self-care, if interested, we encourage you to check out the Facebook group: School Psych Self-Care Club.  It includes a collective of school psychologists to share self-care thoughts, strategies, and photos. 


Be well and take good care!

 Self-Care: In Focus

SELF-CARE: Capacity for Resiliency

During times of uncertainty and injustice,

we need to take good care of ourselves.

At times, taking good care of ourselves

also means feeling uncomfortable.  When we feel "powerless"  we need to work to feel "empowered" to take action in order to take good care of each other, and to take good care of ourselves. 

Given all of the stressors, grief, loss, and uncertainty during these ever-changing times, it is so important we build capacity for resiliency.  Resiliency is a protective factor to help mitigate stress and risk factors.  To help support our continuing work and service to our communities, we need to continue to advocate for others, and advocate for ourselves.  Self-care is a way to show-up for ourselves, and be able to better show-up for others.


Check out our ever-evolving and growing professional self-care resources page for various ways to support you in this personal and professional journey. 


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