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Self-Care IEP: Individualized Energy Plan

Why an IEP?  

Self-care is incredibly personal and individualized.  As school psychologists, we know "what gets measured, gets done."  So, to help ensure that we are taking good care of ourselves and are able to engage in personally meaningful behaviors to help us take good care, creating a plan is a great way to be strategic, intentional, and allow us to be more accountable.

When we take care of ourselves, personally and professionally, we are more fully available to take care of others.

Here are some signs that you need to act sooner than later with your self-care:

  • Increased Anxiety

  • Decreased Patience

  • Increased Irritability

  • Difficulty Relaxing

  • Changes in Memory and Focus

  • Experiencing Less Fulfillment at Work

Steps to Creating Your Individualized Energy Plan:

  1. Select Self-Care Activities--use this website or any additional ideas you may have.

  2. Identify Your Barriers-- what may get in the way of your self-care plan?

  3. Identify Your Assets-- what do you already have access to, or what can you do to support your self-care plan?

  4. Monitor Your Activities-- how is it going?

  5. Develop an Accountability Plan-- who are you able to share this with and how can you hold yourself accountable?

  6. Celebrate Successes-- How are you going to celebrate you?

IEP- Energy Plan.png

Lessons Learned & Tips:

  • Keep self-care goals small and manageable. Small self-care activities have a big impact when done consistently over time.


  • Self-care shouldn’t overwhelm you; It should nourish you.

Weekly Self-Care IEP Example:

Self-Care Activities

  • Meditate 10 minutes per day using the Calm app.

  • Write in my Gratitude Journal each evening.


  • Remembering to do it

  • Busy schedule with work and home responsibilities


  • I keep a daily to do list – put the activities on my list

  • I have the Calm app on my phone so can do the meditation anywhere.

  • Downloaded the Penzu app for journaling onto my ipad and I have my ipad with me each evening. That will help me remember.


  • Put the activities on my calendar and check off when I do them.


  • My sister and I are doing the Calm app and report in to each other.


  • If I do these activities 5 out of 7 days this week, I get ice cream on Sunday.

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