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2022-2023 School Year

The "Roaring 20's" continue to keep everyone on their toes.  Many individuals are exhausted, yet continue to show up everyday to provide support for students, staff, families, and their community at-large.  Self-care is pivotal from an ecological lens, including care for ourselves and care for all of the contexts we are part of and integrated within.

As many individuals wear many different hats and have multiple roles and responsibilities, boundaries are incredibly important for our viability, sustainability, and health & wellness.  The pandemic and increased technology use has blurred some lines (i.e., time, space, professional/personal), which make it increasingly crucial to be mindful of our values, attitudes, and beliefs and ensure that our actions align with our core values.  

"Boundaries are a prerequisite for compassion and empathy.  We can't connect with someone unless we're clear where we end and they begin.  If there's no autonomy between people, then there's no compassion or empathy, just enmeshment." -- Brene Brown

"It's true that you cannot control what other people do to you, but you can manage your reaction and what you tolerate."-- Nedra Tawwab




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