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No caption needed....

Lauren and Lisa have been LOVING TwinsTheNewTrend You Tube Channel!!  These twins from Indiana watch videos/listen

to music for the first time and it is so joyful.  It is like discovering new music from others' eyes (even if you have heard it or watched it before).

Tabitha Brown has taken TikTok by storm during the quarantine with her vegan cooking, as well as her love and support that pours out of each video.  Here is an LA Times story about her.

2020 meets 2000.  Memes are what we all need right now.

Jimmy Fallon and the Roots have been doing so many great physically distanced songs, including this one, which is a key song on any COVID-19 pandemic playlist.

For so many who are currently working on their vegetable garden, check out this wild and crazy, yet adorable, groundhog munching and crunching into the camera!

Who can't resist a Baby Yoda meme?!  #allthesnackysnacks

If you have not seen Nandi Bushell, you are missing out!

She is a 10 year old from England and is such an incredible musician with such spirit! <3